Is the best gift you can give someone something thoughtful? Or is it something useful? 

This isn’t one of those challenges. Just something I was thinking about. 

My birthday’s coming up in a few days and I was just thinking about gifts. Not because I want to ask for anything specific. I really don’t care if I get anything as long as I’m not completely forgotten. 

Anyway, back to my question. Most people want something thoughtful as a gift. I get that, they want to know that the people around them are paying attention to them. But is it better to get something they might have pointed out in passing and mentioned ‘Oh I like that.’ Or something they might not have asked for but would end up using daily, not because they needed it or asked for it, but because it’s convenient. 

Thoughtful is great, I love thoughtful, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’d prefer some little thing that I’d use every day that I might not have gotten myself. Even if it was only a $5 little trinket. 


So I got a(nother) job! 

And I get paid for this one! You can stop making fun of me now Quiddiot. 

Anyway, I’m being assigned to my…what do you call the person you translate for? Well what ever, I get to be a translator! I can’t wait to start. I meet the person I’ll be translating for next week. The only downside is that I might have to switch my hours around at the office or give up a few of my monday volunteering hours. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. 


tannermfjames asked: is this what you meant by you are stalking me now? if so, this is slightly less creepy.

lol it is =) told you that you’d figure it out eventually!

^__^ This makes me happy. I love it!

In one week, I’ll be 21! Yaay!

The Craziness Won

Since Tanner’s being a jerk and ignoring me, I have made a Tumblr. 

Bad things happen when I’m bored. So be warned, this is dangerous. =)